Constant rise of the bureaucratic charges required for exporting companies and professionals that supports them, has made it necessary to provide an accurate and precise advice. Our professional staff answers to questions for:



Ø  Feasibility study of of import transactions

Ø  Instruction and presentation instances

Ø  Knowledge on VAT for transactions non-UE

Ø  Knowledge on VAT for EU operations

Ø  Local clearance procedure

Ø  Reviews of customs operations

Ø  Visas customs retrospectively

Ø  Visas on the first sale invoices for exports in triangulation

Ø  Audits to operators offices checking regularity of the exports operations

v  Traffic prohibitions transport

v  Allowed analysis of service

v  VAT Plafond

Ø  Analysis of conditions for export goods subject to:

§  Dual-use

§  Antiquity

§  Washington Convention

§  Licenses or other regulatory requirements