Since January 1993 with the first borders opening and the establishment of the Intrastat system our company offers to the customers a precise and punctual service for:


v  Filling Intrastat lists based on

Ø  Elaboration invoices for UE sales

Ø  Elaboration invoices received for UE community buy

Ø  Elaboration data from different forms produced by customers

Ø  Elaboration data from paper lists made from customers

v  Filling Intrastat lists on behalf of third parties (professional studios and business consultants)

v  Presentation of Intrastat lists with telematic system

v  Keeping of sales volumes for each customer

v  Periodic reports about any changes of frequency

v  Calculation of frequency

v  Customer information updates on new legislation by round comunications

v  Support for assignment of digital signature

v  Support for Customs Agency software installation and utilization

v  Knowledge on VAT for EU operations