The ORTRANS Srl was born in 1978 as a forwarding company specialized in customs clearance of fresh fruit and vegetables, when the timeliness in carrying out the documentation was vital for the competitiveness of enterprises trading in perishable goods between European countries of the European Economic Community. When Fruit and vegetable department was consolidated, the company feels the need to improve its commitment to customer service to all the others products categories.

This was the period in which Verona, arising in the “Quadrante Europa” the intermodal terminal for the road / rail transport, offered the opportunity for a strong collaboration with partners in Northern Europe (Denmark and the Scandinavian countries). The year 1992 marked the first opening of borders within the European Community and was the time to reorganize the company in view of the next dare on Eastern Europe, an area destined to conquer new markets through trade that sees the arrival raw materials from Russia and the Baltic states and the departure of finished products with high added value. Simultaneously, the United Europe carried a new system for the check of goods movement inside the U.E. countries, the INTRASTAT.
The new system consists in regular reporting to the Customs Authorities about the movement of goods, which before 1992 were subject to customs checks. This became  another flagship for ORTRANS, for the services offered, with the transmission on a magnetic support, since January 1993.
Distinguishing for accuracy and to update his systems with the latest technologies for electronic communication of data to the ministries in charge,  follow the adoption of new electronic signature which allows to "jump" the presentation of documents in paper .
In the first decade of the new millennium, at the request of its own customers, Ortrans explores topics such as advice in tax and international business, to support companies pressed by new and increasingly European and national legislation on VAT for trade / services within the Community.

Another growing sector is the distribution logistic, with the center in Verona we can widely distribute products in all Italian regions.

the Ortrans also offers:

  • Collection services for goods in Italy;
  • Storage services for goods arriving and departing; 
  • Collaboration with national and foreign carriers for any urgent deliveries;
  • Customs and tax consulting with qualified people recognized by Administration.